They speak to us in the mind

The alien does not speak vocally. It communicates directly into the minds of those around it using a device around its forehead, it is a sort of elastic metal band, which it defines as a "brainwave transmitter." Read more


The first sighting

In the sky a dark spot has appeared which drops and progressively grows bigger. It is the ship that will take us into space. Is does not land on the water but remains floating, a few inches from the platform. Read more


A message of hope

"Terrestrials, do not be afraid, we are explorers and a peaceful race. we love and respect all forms of life in the universe… Read more


Interplanetary communication

The aliens do not speak, they just move their arms awkwardly: they are trying to imitate the classic human greeting, even if it is not a familiar gesture to them. Read more


Six fingers on each hand

Their arms seem to be rather short compared to their height and they have six fingers on each hand. The sixth finger is a second opposable thumb located after the other four central fingers. Read more


New forms of life

They look a bit taller and leaner than us, they have close narrow, slit eyes, flat ears, no hair, and no nose but two side openings in the top of the neck. Read more


There is life in space

Could it be an alien transmission? I switch channels rapidly but although the number of the channel changes, the image is the same. The aliens are live on unified networks. Read more


Strange movements in space

The alien spacecraft has arrived near the Earth's surface and stopped in the stratosphere. The leaders agreed to make a common cause and meet the visitors together. Read more


An alien spacecraft was launched by the asteroid

The alien spacecraft has arrived near the Earth's surface and stopped in the stratosphere. The leaders agreed to make a common cause and meet the visitors together. Read more


Something is moving around the asteroid

All the space agencies have registered strange movements around the asteroid. It seems that a smaller craft has departed from a hidden portal and is now heading towards the Earth. Read more


Gravity tractor to divert the asteroid

To deviate the asteroid there is also a gravity tractor project: a spacecraft that would be positioned a few hundred meters from the celestial body, which would change its route using the force of gravity of the asteroid. Read more


Other methods to divert the asteroid

To save us by the asteroid, some scientists propose solar sails or motors with plasma engines to push it sideways. Read more


Deflect the asteroid's course

Most astronomers believe that it’s not sufficient deflect the course of the asteroid. Some are proposing the launch of a solar mirror to heat the water contained in the rock of the asteroid, which would shift its trajectory producing a cosmic/hevenly comets tail. Read more


The absolute darkness after the fall of the asteroid

About 12 hours after the impact, the dust cloud of debris, will climb to the upper atmosphere completely surrounding the Earth, which would prevent sunlight from reaching the surface. There would be absolute darkness that could even last for thousands of years. Read more


The risk is that the asteroid wipes out life from Earth

When the asteroid will fall, this debris, thanks to the friction with the air, will not be pulverized, so it would overheat the sky bringing the outside temperature to over 1,000 degrees and making the earth's surface below incandescent, destroying all forms of life remaining outdoors. Read more


The catastrophes that the asteroid would cause

The shock wave will probably unleash winds of up to 3,000 km/h and waves hundreds of meters high, which will pour over the neighboring continents. After the impact, the secondary landslides would produce a series of tsunamis with the same devastating power. Read more


What will happen if the asteroid falls in the ocean?

If the asteroid should fall into the ocean, it will immediately vaporize the surrounding water, creating a large crater 20 times its diameter. Read more


How dangerous is the asteroid?

The asteroid approaching the Earth will ionize the atmospheric gases, making them glow. Then we will see a huge projectile falling down on us. Read more


What will happen if the asteroid falls to Earth?

If the asteroid should it hit the Earth's surface, the consequences could be the dire: it could put an end to all forms of life. According to the astronomers, the asteroid should reach Earth in few days. Read more


We have 96% of possibilities that we are hit by the asteroid

The asteroid's trajectory is erratic and difficult to monitor. It currently has a 96% chance of hitting the Earth. We don't know its nature, but we're certain that it's solid and this excludes the possibility of it disintegrating when it enters the atmosphere. Read more


Shall we really worry about the asteroid?

The interviews with scientists, astronomers and science communicators follow on back to back. It seems that the pundits are competing to terrorize us. They are explaining in detail what will be happening before, during and after the impact. Read more


How big is this dangerous asteroid?

According to the astronomers it is an asteroid or maybe even a planetoid that is not within the classifications adopted so far. It is not easy to measure, but it is expected to be very large, about one-sixth of the Moon. Read more